As a team of open-source developers and geoscientific experts specialized in uncertainty analysis, we are eager to share our knowledge to create benefits for you.

Do you need support in optimally integrating and using GemPy or other open-source libraries?

Are you interested in applying the latest probabilistic machine-learning methods to quantify, visualize, and reduce critical uncertainties in your models?

We have the right team and expertise to help you optimize your geological modeling workflows.


We also give courses and workshops on the basics of geological modeling with GemPy, as well as the related use of advanced probabilistic techniques.

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Custom structural geological modeling problems and probabilistic uncertainty analysis.

Debugging, optimization, and validation of existing open geoscience stack applications.

Virtual and mixed reality solutions for geoscientific applications.

Integration of GemPy in your geological modeling workflows.


We believe in open source and are committed to building an open-source future in geosciences.

Our team includes some of the original authors of and main contributors to the following libraries:

Furthermore, we are involved in the Software Underground community which promotes the development and use of open-source digital solutions by subsurface professionals.




3D visual intuition is a key skill for understanding geology and related processes. Most conventional teaching methods and tools to communicate geological complexities rely on 2D media such as maps and profiles. This comes with a high level of abstraction that poses a comprehension challenge for students and non-experts. 3D geological intuition is trained by practice, but field courses require time, organizational efforts and are often expensive.

Our AR Sandbox provides a haptic way of exploring complex 3D landscapes, geological problems, and the relationship between subsurface formations and topographical features. Simply use your own hands to build mountains, dig valleys, observe the results and gain valuable 3D geological intuition.

If you are interested in owning your own AR Sandbox, contact us by clicking below.

Bring the intuition of fieldwork into your office or lab with our AR Sandbox Pro.

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