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Leverage our expertise to transform your geoscientific workflows and uncover new possibilities. At Terranigma Solutions, we offer services based on our specialized knowledge and many years of experience working in open source, innovative technologies, and scientific methods at the cutting edge of computational geoscience.



As a team of software developers and geoscientific experts, we are eager to share our knowledge to create benefits for you.

Possible consulting topics include:

  • Open-source 3D geological modeling with GemPy

  • Selection and implementation of open-source geoscience software

  • Evaluation and quantification of uncertainties in geological models and processes

  • Integration of probabilistic machine learning techniques in geoscientific applications

  • Customized teaching and training related to the topics mentioned above

Contact us to discuss possibilities and opportunities tailored to your specific needs. To learn more about our fields of expertise, we encourage you to explore the About Us section of our website.

Image by Ilya Pavlov

Custom Software Development

Are you interested in LiquidEarth, GemPy, or other open-source packages we have contributed to, and looking to integrate features customized for your distinct needs?

At Terranigma Solutions, we recognize that each project comes with its own unique requirements. We can expedite the addition of features or even develop a standalone project that showcases your brand and work.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities together!


Interested in working with us?

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