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Looks like you activated a LiquidEarth link

Install LiquidEarth and open the shared space in LiquidEarth.

On Windows PC


Download and run the LiquidEarth installer.

On macOS

Mount the image and copy the LiquidEarth app to your Applications Folder.

On iOS (iPad)

Add LiquidEarth to your iOS device via Apple TestFlight.

Note: The app is currently optimized for iPads and not for devices of smaller display sizes such as iPhones.

On Meta Quest platform

To use LiquidEarth on Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, or Meta Quest Pro, we need to register your Meta account. You will then gain access to the app via App Lab.

Submitted! Your account will soon be added to LiquidEarth on AppLab.

The information you submit above will only be used to register you to our LiquidEarth Beta distribution channel in App Lab (Meta Quest platform). After your Meta account has been added, you will receive an email with further instructions to install and run the app.

Your information submitted here will not be connected in any way to your LiquidEarth account. If you wish for us to unregister you from the Beta distribution channels, please write an email to

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