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​Sign up now to start testing LiquidEarth in Early Access!

Interested in trying it out?
LiquidEarth is now available in Early Access!

Sign up for the Early Access program now and be one of the first to start testing LiquidEarth.


LiquidEarth is a cloud-based solution that enables experts to visualize, edit and communicate geological data and models in intuitive 3D with real-time collaboration across different devices - anywhere, anytime.

Work With 3D Geodata and Models Anywhere, Anytime

Bringing Geological Modeling to Life.

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Work on Desktop, On-The-Go, or in Mixed Reality

LiquidEarth was natively developed as a cross-platform solution.


Whether it is a desktop PC, laptop, portable tablet, or mixed-reality headset - with LiquidEarth you can flexibly choose the device that best fits your use case.


Discuss Data and Insights Immediately and Remotely

LiquidEarth aims to bring people together and help them collaborate remotely.

Easily share data, annotations, as well as interpretations, and work together with others in real-time collaborative sessions - independent of user locations.


Digitally Bring Field and Office Work Together

You can use LiquidEarth on the go on portable devices.

Work connected and digitally in the field, verify models on site, and immediately integrate 3D field data for quick and safe remote inspection.


Quickly Create and Update 3D Geological Models

One app, one streamlined workflow: Gather data, interpret it, then build meaningful 3D geological models based on your insights.

LiquidEarth enables you to rapidly conceptualize your ideas, generate elaborate 3D models of the subsurface, and update them on the fly as new data comes in.

Want to learn more about the full set of planned features and status of development of LiquidEarth?

Check out the product information sheet and public roadmap!



Our goal is for LiquidEarth to be the best tool it can be for geologists and other experts working with geological data and models. That's why we are excited to offer LiquidEarth in Early Access - it's a great opportunity for us to get feedback from users on the latest version of our product, and to make sure that it meets their needs and expectations.

And that user can be you. By participating in our early access program, you'll have the chance to try out the most recent and innovative features as they are released, and to provide valuable feedback that will help us shape the final product. Plus, you'll be among the first to experience all that LiquidEarth has to offer.

We hope you'll join us in the Early Access and help us make LiquidEarth the best it can be.

Getting started in Early Access

1. Create a user account

You can do this via the LiquidEarth web portal. Your user account comes with a Early Access Free* license by default.


2. Get the app

Download the app onto one of the supported devices. To do so, follow the instructions on the LiquidEarth web portal.

3. Sign in to the app and test it

Run the app on one of the supported devices. With the free license you have access to example datasets to test the latest version of LiquidEarth.


Upgrade to Early Access Pro to start working with your own data

To use LiquidEarth Early Access for your work and import your own data, you need to upgrade from Free to a paid Early Access Pro* license. Contact us for prices.

*Key information about the LiquidEarth Early Access licensing system:

LiquidEarth Early Access Free:

  • Default license that comes with your user account

  • Access to example datasets and models

  • Unlimited use of the latest Early Access features (except importing and saving)

  • No option to import your own datasets

  • "Guest Viewer" option: Pro users can invite you to view their projects

  • "Read Only": Changes can be done locally, but are not saved in the cloud

LiquidEarth Early Access Pro:

  • All the benefits of Free

  • Import your own datasets to use LiquidEarth for your own work

  • Invite Free users to your projects

  • Unlimited use of all the latest Early Access features

  • All changes are saved in the cloud

  • Discounts may apply for students, researches, and non-profits (contact us)

Are you a company? Do you need numerous licenses or have specific requirements? Please reach out to us!

We are open to discussing Enterprise options and custom packages.

The LiquidEarth Early Access licensing system will be updated soon.

If you have any questions or are having problems signing up for the Early Access, contact us!

LiquidEarth Early Access in now available on:

Windows PC

Apple iPad

Oculus / Meta Quest (XR)

Are you interested in integrating LiquidEarth in your company workflows?

Do you need various licenses or have specific requirements that need to be met?

We are open to discussing individual cases and custom packages!


What is the LiquidEarth Early Access?

The Early Access program is an opportunity for users to try out LiquidEarth and provide feedback on it while it's still being developed and before it is fully released commercially.

How long will LiquidEarth be in Early Access?

A definite date for the end of the Early Access is difficult to determine at this stage. We plan for a full commercial release of LiquidEarth in the first half of 2024. For various use cases such as remote and real-time collaboration, we expect LiquidEarth to already be production-ready by summer 2023. This means that participants should already be able to use LiquidEarth productively in their own workflows and with their own data. We will regularly provide updates on development progress and changes to the timeline during the Early Access.

What benefits do I have from participating in the Early Access?

As an early access user, you will be among the first to experience all of the innovative functionalities we are introducing with LiquidEarth. You will have the chance to test the latest features as they come out. By providing us with feedback and feature requests, you will also help shape the final product. Additionally, we plan for users who upgrade to a paid Pro license during Early Access to receive discounts on commercial LiquidEarth licenses during the first year after its full release.

What can I expect in terms of product functionality and stability during Early Access?

During Early Access, LiquidEarth will continuously grow in functionalities as we iteratively release feature extensions and updates. We aim for each version update to be as stable as possible so that you can use LiquidEarth effectively for your own or your company’s use case. However, as we are still working on improving and refining the software, there may be bugs or other issues that arise. We will be actively monitoring and addressing any such problems and working to improve the product's reliability as the Early Access program progresses. We encourage Early Access users to report bugs and provide feedback on their experience with LiquidEarth so that we can continue to make improvements and tackle any issues swiftly. Check out our LiquidEarth Roadmap to see when you can expect which features to be released, and when it would be most useful for you to start using LiquidEarth. If you require a feature-complete and fully stable software, we encourage you to wait for the full commercial release of LiquidEarth.

How do I join the Early Access?

Our early access program is open to anyone. You can simply sign up and create a user account via the LiquidEarth web portal on our website. There, you will find further instructions on how to get the app and start using it.

Will I be charged for participating in the Early Access?

As of 17 Jan 2023, the Early Access is still completely free but limited. We will soon introduce a system in which users can upgrade to a paid Early Access Pro license to use the app for their own work and with their own datasets. More about this will follow soon.

How can I provide feedback on LiquidEarth during Early Access?

We welcome and value your feedback on LiquidEarth during Early Access. Upon joining the program, you will gain access to forms through which you can provide feedback, report bugs, and request features. You can also contact our team directly. Your feedback will help us improve the final product and ensure that it meets the needs of our users.

Can I share my experience with LiquidEarth during Early Access?

Yes, we encourage Early Access users to share their experience with LiquidEarth with their colleagues and on social media.

Any other questions? Contact us!

The development of LiquidEarth was part of the EIT RawMaterials Upscaling project FARMIN (2020 - 2022) which was led by Terranigma in collaboration with the following six partners from industry and research.

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