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Visualize. Collaborate. Present.

View, share, and discuss 3D geodata projects with colleagues, partners, and customers anywhere, anytime - on the device of your choice.

LiquidEarth One - now available in Early Access.

"One" is the first iteration of LiquidEarth.

Try out the demo for free or contact us for us a custom deal.

LiquidEarth One is compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, and the Meta Quest platform.


Gain deeper insights via enhanced visualization

Experience intuitive, interactive 3D geodata visualization with LiquidEarth. Dive into your data and models on various devices, from desktops to tablets and XR headsets. Deepen your understanding of complex subsurface scenarios anywhere, anytime.


Boost efficiency through real-time remote collaboration

Transform your teamwork on geoscience projects with LiquidEarth. Collaborate seamlessly, sharing data, annotations, and interpretations, live and regardless of user locations. Promote dynamic discussions for efficient problem solving and informed decision making.


Captivate your audience with interactive presentations

Effortlessly showcase your geoscience projects and results using LiquidEarth. By simply sharing a link, invite remote partners, customers, and stakeholders to engage with your work, emphasizing its value and bringing subsurface data to life in an interactive experience.

Enhance Your Workflows with LiquidEarth in Early Access
Get Started with a Free Demo or a Personalized Plan


Discover LiquidEarth today.
Sign up now and explore the latest features using sample datasets, absolutely free!

Access to example datasets

Cross-platform support:

  • Windows PC

  • macOS

  • iOS (iPad)

  • Meta Quest 1, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro (XR headsets)

Mixed reality visualization

Collaboration in real-time online sessions

Annotations, sketching, and other tools for interpretation


Enhance your work by integrating LiquidEarth with your data and workflows.

Get in touch to discuss your specific use case!

All the features and benefits from DEMO

Create own projects - save them locally and in the cloud

Import your own data -

  • OBJ

  • DXF (meshes)

Custom support and training options

Easily share your projects and invite guest viewers to real-time collaboration sessions

Custom quotation

          LiquidEarth in Early Access: Please be aware that LiquidEarth is currently in its Early Access stage of development. This means that while we continuously strive to improve and expand the software, you may encounter some limitations, bugs, or performance issues.

As an Early Access user, you have the unique opportunity to test, explore, and benefit from the latest features and improvements before they become widely available. During this stage, you can expect new updates to be released every two to three weeks, including new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Although LiquidEarth is still in development, it will already be production-ready for various use cases during the Early Access phase. We highly encourage you to share your feedback, report any issues, and contribute to the software's development process, as this will help us refine and perfect LiquidEarth for its official release.

Do you need help getting started with LiquidEarth or are you looking for further information? Check out our knowledge base!

Toward an Innovative Future of Working With 3D Geodata and Models

LiquidEarth One is just the first product iteration and the beginning of our journey to create a truly innovative and streamlined geoscience software solution. We're continuously developing new features to digitize and improve workflows of 3D geodata inspection, interpretation, as well as rapid geomodel building and updating, whether that is in the field or in the office.

By joining us in Early Access, you'll be among the first to experience the newest features as they are released and help us shape the future of LiquidEarth. Go to the overview to learn more about ongoing and upcoming developments, as well as our vision for the complete product.

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